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Tel: (415) 663-1243

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15479 Highway One

Marshall, Ca 94940


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  Frequently Asked Questions


Do I Need To Place An Order For Oysters?

No need to call and place an order, we have tens of thousands of oysters in a variety of size in stock most days.


Do You Accept Credit Cards?

No, we are cash only, we accept local checks and have an ATM onsite for your conveniance.


How should I Keep Oysters Fresh?

Oysters are alive in the shell, they must be kept under refrigeration or in a cooler covered with ice at all times. Bacteria grows quickly on oyster flesh at room temperature making them unsafe to eat raw.


What Should I Bring With Me?

We sell you the shellfish, condiments, shucking knives and gloves. Dress for the coast, it can be warm and sunny or cool and foggy.

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