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Fall Harvest

Harvest on the boat ready to sort


Luis leads the harvest Team.

Love what you do! Enrique does

Enrique pilots the skiff

Rainy days and Sundays..

Sean gets a workout in the rain.


6 week old baby oysters in the nursery.

Bay mussels

Bay Mussels

oysters and wine

Fruits of our labor

Oscar woking hard

Oscar unloading harvest

Emerits is happy

Emerit is happy with the harvest.

a couple of happy guys

Kumamoto Oysters

Golden Nuggets

Tomales Bay Special Reserve Golden Nuggets

a Kumamoto
Olys and Champagne

Oysters and Bubbles

Oysters Rockystyle
Manila Clam

Manila Clam

customers arrive by sailboat
dock at TBOC nice day
unloading a sorted harvest
a happy guy
a few pretty fans
a happy customer
Gina and Luci
ladies with a pearl
walrus and the carpenter
a el grande
a jumbo with seed
a seed shot
oysters in wet holding
TBOC in Springtime 014
a large medium
a plate of oysters
Tod, Heidi and Crew
a rainy day
Emerit and his crop
after harvest washing crop 2
after harvest washing crop
after harvest washing crop3
a bag of mussels
baby oysters

Working seed

Bay Cleanup
a medium oyster shucked
A green pearl
half shell with pearls
a harvest transfer
unloading a harvest
dumping a cultch sack
a pile of smalls on sorting table
a harvest sort
Bags oy medium oysters
A Stormy Day
Guys enjoying oysters
a bottle of oyster elixir
Emerit and Anastacio 16'
wet holding 2016
Martin on the farm
Ansel Adams, Oyster Fence
Golden Nuggets
Sales Display
Manila Clam on the half-shell
seed 2
empty half shell
half shell with Tapatio
half shell
St. Patrick's Day Weekend 013
St. Patrick's Day Weekend 012
Tod & Kate, Sean in back
Enjoying a half-shell oyster
Medium oyster
oyster plate
oyster plate
wet holding
sales counter
TBOC in Springtime 022
TBOC in Springtime 019
TBOC in Springtime 018
TBOC in Springtime 013
TBOC in Springtime 021
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